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I have to admit every time I visit these feeding centers I am humbled and overwhelmed. I see children that somehow manage to withstand the pings of hunger and the poverty that surrounds them. I think of what my life looks like and what my daughter’s life looks like.

Every day my daughter wakes up and has a meal waiting on her and goes to school with a bag full of food. She comes home to a refrigerator stocked full of food and thankfully gets all the nutrition that this land can provide. She never goes hungry and she has grown up with great nutrition that allows her to do well in school and hopefully she will continue to be successful as she continues on.

I visited several of our feeding centers in Bluefields and at first sight I am a little saddened. I see children that are lucky to get fed once a day. I see mothers who lack nourishment as they have children developing inside of them. I see children in class with learning disabilities because of early childhood malnutrition. I see children who struggle to pay attention to the words of their instructors. I see 10 year olds the size of 6 year olds but then I suddenly get a glimpse into their eyes and that is where I see it. I see determination. I see a fire and desire to do and be better. I see a group and community that sincerely wants rise up and overcome and end this cycle.

The other important things I see and here as I sit with them and chat and take it all in is Hope. How could they have such hope I ask myself? Well finally I ask some of the kids some pointed questions. What drives you? What excites you? And you know what some of them say to me? They say they are driven because people like us and organizations like us come and feed them. They say that because of that they know they aren’t alone and that they will eat and they will overcome. They know that someone somewhere cares enough to give and come. Well if that doesn’t make you tear up and humble you a bit I don’t know what will.

I share this because I want you to be encouraged. I want you to know while there is much work to be done that you and we are making a difference. We are making a difference simply because we care enough to give and to come. That despite our lives being fairly comfortable there are people like yourselves that step up and give. People like you that see the blessings given to you and yours and make a decision to share. Thank you for your generous hearts and for fighting this fight with us. Thank you for continuing this race with us to end world hunger and to be outside of ourselves as we go and we care.

Please look at some of the pics and see the hope in their eyes. Join with us in being thankful that we can and are making a difference. Join with us in continuing to go and making a difference!

For Hope

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We are working hard to refresh all of our content to include the website as well as the blog. We apologize, but we have been busy doing the things we love to do. Feeding people!

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Christian Zeagler and I am the new executive director here at Run for food International or as we like to call it sometimes RFFI. I am excited to start this job as I have a passion for serving and a real passion for feeding those less fortunate than we are.

I started my service in Nicaragua. I have been traveling down there for over 10 years and in early 2010 made the decision to live there full time. I lived on and was director of Casa Bernabe orphanage for two years before moving on and starting several economic development projects and a school rebuilding project. Our development projects created over 100 jobs. I also spent much of my time working on and developing feeding stations throughout Nicaragua.

I hope with this blog to keep you informed about the work Run for Food is doing and allow you to follow us as we seek to end the cycle of hunger and starvation that plagues much of the world.

My desire is for this site and this blog to be interactive. Please, if you have questions or a desire to serve and participate, contact us as much as and as frequently as you desire. I love to share this passion and I love to open doors for people to get involved and serve.

Stay tuned for more entries over the next weeks, months and years. Thank you for your interest and your continued involvement with Run for Food International.


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