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How will my donation be used?

Run For Food International was organized in December of 2010 to find innovative and sustainable solutions that will bring an end to world hunger. A generous contribution was made to cover the organizational start-up costs and website development. Your dollars will be used in the development of programs that will identify and implement the solutions that directly address the issues causing hunger. In some instances it may be the packaging and distribution of food to a starving village. In other cases it may be partnering with an organization to provide potable water that will help to eliminate illnesses and fight off malnutrition. In all cases your support will be used to reduce and eventually eliminate death and disease that are caused by hunger. RFFI is committed to being good stewards of each financial gift it receives.

With so many organizations working to feed the hungry, how can Run For Food International make a difference?

So far, no one has found the solution that will end world hunger. Many great organizations are working on the problem but every three seconds someone still dies of hunger. YOU are the one that will make the difference. RFFI is the opportunity you and people like you have been looking for to invest your finances, your time and your talent to address this global crisis. Every life that is saved is important and brings us one step closer to bringing an end to worldwide hunger. It is time for you to get involved.

What is hunger?

In simple terms, hunger is not getting enough of the right kinds of foods to meet your nutritional needs. The average person requires 2100 calories a day to keep from becoming undernourished. Today, one in six people do not get enough food to be healthy and lead an active life, making hunger and malnutrition the number one health risk worldwide. Tonight, almost one billion people will go to bed hungry.

What’s the difference between hunger and malnutrition?

Hunger leads to malnutrition. When an individual fails to meet the daily minimum intake of calories, the immune system begins to weaken. The physical function of an individual becomes impaired to the point he/she can no longer maintain natural bodily capacities such as growth, learning abilities, physical work and resisting and recovering from disease. The World Health Organization states that malnutrition is by far the biggest contributor to child mortality.

What is starvation?

Starvation is the most extreme form of malnutrition. It is characterized by a deficiency in nutrients, vitamins and energy. Prolonged starvation can cause permanent organ damage and lead to death. Starving individuals lose fat and muscle mass as their body breaks down tissues for energy and tries to keep vital systems functioning. The great majority of hunger deaths do not come from starvation but from nutrition-related sicknesses and diseases.

As a new organization, what are your next steps?

Our immediate next step will be to identify three to five countries to target our efforts and partnerships. We will learn the issues that are contributing to the hunger crisis in each country, then seek partners that will address each issue head on. Results will be measured and reported through our email and newsletters. Other objectives we are working to accomplish:

How can I get more involved with Run For Food International?

As RFFI continues to develop and grow, the need for resources, both human and financial, will increase as well. We need team members who will run. We are also looking for volunteers to organize food packaging or fund-raising events. Marketing assistance is always a great opportunity for volunteer involvement. Your help with social media would be helpful. You can “Like” us on Facebook and then tell all your friends to visit our website and “Like” us, too. Send us a note on the Contact page and let us know what you are good at and enjoy doing. We will look for a way to use your skills and talents and contact you.

If you have additional questions, please visit our Contact page and use the message box provided. Thank you for your support in getting Run For Food International off the ground.